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Thanks a lot. I am enjoying it and would recommend it to others. The benefits to my joints is priceless. Thanks again

Traycee, 2018-08-22

This treadmill has made a world of difference to my 84 year old father's rehab from a fall!  ...and now I'm using 

it for everyday training.

Andy L., 2019-08-07

Wow! My wife hates sweating like an animal, like when she goes to the gym, but loves to be fit.

This treadmill enables her to enjoy the pool with the kids, while getting her workout, and she 

never feels "gross" like she feels when she works out at the gym.

It's also been like a trojan horse.....the kids are now using it too, and otherwise never set foot in the gym.

Mike G., 2019-05-07

It's a real treadmill workout, that's low impact and no danger of falling.  What a great idea!

Hellen S., 2019-01-15

I hate working out, but this treadmill in the water doesn't feel like I'm working hard, 

and I'm seeing great results.

Bill N., 2019-05-09

This treadmill made my otherwise scary rehab from hip replacment surgery a relative breeze! I'm so happy my therapist

told me about this at the start of my rehab.  Now that I've completely healed, I can't stop using it and am starting to really get into shape.

Bernie F., 2018-11-06