The Pools


Pro Aquafit, The Pools - $NZD

The Pools

Nothing is more inviting than stepping into a warm pool - and if you can get your daily dose of exercise and fitness in your own pool, you couldn't ask for more.

  • Low impact
  • High resistance
  • Hydrotherapy anywhere
  • Increased cardiovascular
  • 2 year Warranty - Made in the USA
  • NZ Service Centre


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Our innovative patented design lets you swim like you are in the ocean but in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our portable pool is so small it even fits in your garage or basement while giving you an authentic swimming experience. Increase or decrease your resistance for a better workout without a motor or current using our signature dual tether system. Enjoy all the health benefits of aquatic exercise like weight loss and recovery, all at your fingertips for a fraction of the traditional cost!

Aren’t you tired of letting chronic pain dictate what you can and cannot do? Don’t you hate sounding like a broken record when you have trouble walking, sitting, or even lying down? Worried about the numbness, headaches, and loss of bladder control that come with using an epidural injection? Let those nagging aches and pains finally vanish the moment you dip into soothing warm water. All that stress and anxiety can finally just melt away as you relax in your own personal oasis. Even better it is available whenever you want, right in the comfort and convenience of your own home.