Our Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable aqua therapy, rehabilitation, and low impact high

resistance training, to homes and public facilities worldwide.

We Believe

We believe everybody should have access to affordable, fast, rehabilitation and recovery products and

services, either in a local public environment or in the privacy of your own home.

Products & Services

Pro Aquafit, The Treadmill - $NZD

The Treadmill

The ProAquafit water treadmill is a revolutionary product, providing you with a ground breaking new way to exercise. Whether seeking basic daily training, or the most advanced physical therapy and rehabilitation available, any person from world class athletes to those with dozens of different and significant medical ailments can benefit greatly from ProAquafit usage.

Pro Aquafit, Therapy Rails - $NZD

Therapy Rails

Side rails, that easily attach to the base and front bar in less than 5 minutes, that add support rails on the right and left sides of the treadmill, thus surrounding the user/patient from three sides total. This is an invaluable option for therapy and rehabilitation use.

Pro Aquafit, The Skier - $NZD

The Skier

Our easy-fit skier option converts the treadmill into a stationary exercise machine, used to simulate skiing. (Picture of attachment unavailable)

Pro Aquafit, Spin Bike - $NZD

Spin Bike

Cycling is already one of the most low-impact exercises in existence, which is why it is such a popular choice for those for are recovering from surgery or injury.

Pro Aquafit, Pool Lane Ropes - $NZD

Pool Lane Ropes

Various choices of swimming pool lane ropes and related accessories.

Pro Aquafit, The Pools - $NZD

The Pools

Nothing is more inviting than stepping into a warm pool - and if you can get your daily dose of exercise and fitness in your own pool, you couldn't ask for more.

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